Audio-Visual Presentation Guidelines


Audio Visual Presentation Guidelines

For those wishing to deliver an AV Presentation at the Irish History Students’ Association, Annual Conference 2016, you must agree to the following criteria:

  • The entire AV presentation & speech must not exceed the total time allotted for a traditional paper, i.e. 15-20 minutes. Room Chairs will strictly enforce timekeeping, regardless of whether or not you are finished.
  • Only mainstream, widely available, media players should be used to present AV. All requirements must be submitted in advance, with the abstract.
  • All AV materials should be contained on the user’s memory key or laptop and not online, as organisers will not accept any responsibility for files which are incompatible with our equipment.
  • Spoken presentations are strongly encouraged as opposed to all AV. You must address the audience at the bare minimum for your introduction and conclusion. Short clips of video, followed by analysis, are preferable to larger segments.
  • Those wishing to present via the media of AV must pre-submit an abstract and biographical note as per written papers, but do not necessarily have to submit their video by the close of Call for Papers if they are still working on it.
  • All AV must be accompanied by a short presentation, which may take the form of an abridged academic paper or an informal presentation of the Video itself.
  • Videos and information contained within should be of a high academic standard and should be treated as an extension of the traditional conference paper. Any material deemed to be unnecessarily offensive (beyond the normal rigours of academic presentations) will not be accepted.

Your name, institutional affiliation (where applicable), title of presentation and contact details must be incorporated into your presentation.

  • IHSA 2016 Poster Criteria 06 November 2015.
  • You must cite references, images and video used appropriately.
  • You must be attend to present your own work.

As always the organisers’ decision is final and binding.

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