‘Prof. James F. Lydon’ memorial Prize for Medieval History

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Dear Colleagues, the organising committee of the Irish History Students’ Association, Annual Conference for Galway 2016 are pleased to announce that in addition to the prizes being offered by the IHSA, the Galway organising committee have secured additional external sponsorship from Cambridge Scholars Publishing for an additional, once-off, prize for 2016.

Professor James Francis Michael Lydon was by all accounts an absolute inspiration to all who met him. A graduate and alumnus of University College Galway, James was a founder member of the UCG Historical Society as An Cumann Staire was then known, attending some of the first IUHSA/IHSA conferences. A medievalist by trade, James studied initially at UCG , later moving to Trinity College Dublin, where he would stay for the remainder of his career. In between being elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy, becoming the Lecky Chair of History and serving multiple terms as President of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Prof. Lydon published extensively, writing some of what would become the core texts in his chosen field.

The prize will be awarded to the best paper in any one (or multiple) category listed on the following sheet. They will be independently judged PRIOR to being given, which means that all interested parties must pre-submit their paper (or latest working draft), no later than the 19th January 2016, i.e. one calendar month before the conference.

Further details are listed below on each particular prize. The adjudicator’s decision is final and no discussion whatsoever will be entered into. Prizes will be awarded at the Conference Dinner (Harbour Hotel, Galway, 20 February, 8pm). All entrants must attend the conference AND deliver their papers. Failure to attend and/or speak is grounds for disqualification.

Many thanks to John Devlin, Prof. Steven Ellis & David Lydon for their support with this prize.




  • This prize has been kindly sponsored by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Period which the papers/posters/AV/artefact presentations deal with must deal with one or more aspects of medieval history, though some leeway is allowed. General areas to be considered include, but are not limited to:
    • Warfare.
    • Ireland and/or Europe in the Middle Ages.
    • Late Pre-Norman Ireland.
    • The Gaelic Lords Pre and/or Post the Norman Invasion.
    • Ireland as a Colony/The Conquest of Ireland.
    • Culture and Customs.
    • Scholarship/Religion.
    • Art/Architecture/Technology/Mercantilism.
    • Languages/Linguistics.
    • The written word/textual source material.
  • All interested papers must be pre-submitted (or the latest working draft), no later than the 19th January 2016, i.e. one calendar month before the conference; papers should be emailed to ihsa2016@gmail.com
  • Once submitted that is the paper which will be judged. No further submissions/alterations will be allowed.
  • Any supporting documentation (such as an audio-visual or image based element) must be submitted also.

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