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The Irish History Students Association, 66th Annual Conference will take place in Galway, from 19-21 February 2016. As a major tourist location, Galway boasts both a considerable volume and diversity of accommodation sources.  The vast majority of these are within a two-mile radius of the University.  Prices and quality vary considerably, but as the conference is being held in February, it is envisaged that accommodation should be reasonable. Nonetheless, advance booking is essential. For groups travelling together there are a large number of student hostels in the city, which may suit your needs.


This list is intended as a starting point to help the attendee. We have broken down matters by the type of accommodation, then further by star-rating and price.  Web links are included throughout, as well as photographs, guide prices, reviews, maps and distance from the University and Bus/Train station.  Those travelling are advised to book early and to ‘shop around’ so as to secure good value and reasonable price where possible.


There may well be slightly cheaper options available, however many of these are of a less acceptable standard than we are willing to select for you, our guests. We have borne these considerations in mind, adding in cost and distance also, to give you the best information possible to make your choice.




  1. Jurys Inn (Quay Street,Galway, H91 E8D7 +353 (0) 91 566444)
    1. Arrival Date: 19/02/16 – Departure Date: 21/02/16

Rate:  €260 (bed & breakfast, single)/€280 (bed & breakfast, twin /double)


  1. 19 minute, 1.6 km walk to Arts Millennium Building
  2. More information can be found at:


  1. Harbour Hotel (New Dock Road, Galway +353 (0) 91 894 800)
    1. Priced from €134 per night- €270 total for double and twin rooms. (Please note that the Harbour is running a 16% discount on all rooms booked before 14 January 2016).
    2. 20 minute, 1.6 km walk to Arts Millennium Building
    3. More information can be found at:


  1. Eyre Square Hotel (Forster St, Eyre Square, Galway +353 (0)91 569 633)
    1. Priced from €110 per night- €220 total for double and twin rooms.
    2. 18 minute, 1.5 km walk to Arts Millennium Building
    3. More information can be found at: http://www.eyresquarecom/



Bed & Breakfasts/ Guesthouses


  1. Asgard House (21 College Road, Galway +353 (0) 91 566 855)
    1. Priced from €80 for two nights for double and twin rooms.
    2. 26 minute, 2.1 km walk to Arts Millennium Building.
    3. More information can be found at:



  1. Abbeygate Guesthouse (11 Mary St, Galway +353 (0) 91 458 550)
    1. Priced from €180 for two nights for double and twin rooms.
    2. 13 minute, 1.0 km walk to Arts Millennium Building.
    3. More information can be found at:


  1. Eyre Square Townhouse (35 Eyre St, Galway +353 (0) 91 568 444)
    1. Priced from €210-230 for two nights for double and twin rooms.
    2. 14 minute, 1.2 km walk to Arts Millennium Building.
    3. More information can be found at:


  1. Desota B&B (54 Newcastle Road, Cookes Corner, Galway +353 (0) 91 585064
    1. Priced from €220 for two nights for double rooms.
    2. 9 minute, 0.9 km walk to Arts Millennium Building.
    3. More information can be found at:



  1. There are many other B&B’s located on College Road and Father Griffin Road that are well priced and can easily be found on





  1. Snoozles Hostel (Forster Street, Galway. Beside the Coach Station) + 353 (0) 91 530 064
    1. Priced from €37/€40 for two nights in 10 bed mixed dorm/6 bed mixed dorm.
    2. 21 minute, 1.7 km walk to Arts Millennium Building https://ggl/by9Hki
    3. More information can be found at:


  1. Savoy Hostel (Eglington Street, Galway +353 (0) 91 375 421)
    1. Priced from €48-52 for two nights in 4-6 bedroom dorm.
    2. 14 minute, 1.1 km walk to Arts Millennium Building
    3. More information can be found at:


  1. Kinlay Hostel (Merchants Road (Off Eyre Square), Galway) (0)91 562 618)
    1. Priced from €25-35 for two nights in a 3-8 bedroom dorm.
    2. 18 minute, 1.5 km walk to Art Millennium Building
    3. More information can be found at:


  1. Galway City Hostel (Eyre Square, Galway +353 (0)91 561 133)
    1. Priced from €58 for two nights in a 6-16 bed mixed dorm.
    2. 18 minute, 1.5 km walk to Arts Millennium Building
    3. More information can be found at:



  1. Barnacles (10 Quay St, The Latin Quarter, Galway +353 (0)91 568 644)
    1. Priced from €50-54 for two nights for rooms ranging from eight bed mixed dorm to a four bed ensuite.
    2. 17 Minute, 1.4 km walk to Arts Millennium Building
    3. More information can be found at:






Helpful sites to search for deals on accommodation:

Meet our sponsors: Fáilte Ireland


IHSA 2016, NUI Galway are proud to announce that Fáilte Ireland have kindly agreed to provide sponsorship and expertise to Galway’s hosting of the 2016 conference.


Details of Fáilte Ireland’s expertise in providing meetings and conferencing support can be found at

For further information please see Conferencing Supports or call into Galway Tourist Office.

IHSA 2016 Annual Conference, Call for Papers


The Irish History Students’ Association is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for its Annual Conference, which will take place in NUI Galway from 19–21 February, 2016.

Proposals are invited for papers (in English or Irish) from both undergraduates and postgraduates in Ireland, on any historical topic or period and from those studying Irish history abroad. Abstracts of no more than 250 words for 20 minute research papers (approx. 2,500–3,000 words in length) should be submitted, along with a short personal biography of no more than 100 words.

Poster presentations are also invited. Posters should be A0 in size and may encompass any style or theme, similar to the criteria for written papers. Presenters should be prepared to speak for up to 10 minutes regarding their posters, with or without an accompanying short paper. Further details will be provided on request by emailing

As usual there is no specific conference theme. However, given the various commemorative events which are expected to take place on the island of Ireland in 2016, papers are also invited on (but certainly not limited to) issues which fall broadly within the theme of the Decade of Centenaries (1912-1923).

Eyre Square
Eyre Square – Galway, the ‘City of the Tribes’, is steeped in Medieval & Modern History

All proposals should be submitted by email to no later than Friday 11 December, 2015. Abstracts and biographies should be submitted in the form of a word document attached to the email and should include: Full Name, Institutional Affiliation (if any), and Paper/Poster Title.

For more information please see:
IHSA 2016 Facebook and – IHSA2016

This event has been kindly sponsored by Bank of Irelandboi1

Free Education, isn’t…

The Mamas & the Papas

Do you remember that song from the 1965, ‘California Dreamin [on a Winter’s Day]’, by The Mama’s & The Papas? It was a great hit at the time and has shown true resilience over the intervening decades. As a matter of fact I had started to write this entry in a very different fashion and he lyric entered my head and I had to listen to it….and then the entire timbre of the article changed before my eyes! Anyway I digress, but seriously, please take a listen to some great 60’s counter-culture! California Dreamin. I have a link and although tentative, I think its relevant.

As a PhD student (final year, thank the gods!), take it from me; money does not fall from the sky like autumnal leaves. Even as the aforementioned song describes “All the leaves are brown/And the Sky is grey”, one must marvel at the metaphorical sight of all those fivers and tenners slowly spiralling down to form a blanket on the ground. Wouldn’t it be a great thing, if the simple things in life were, if not free, then at least valued and funded appropriately?

As a conference organiser seeking funding, I can tell you money does most definitely not fall in such a fashion! But yet again at CAO time we have a talking head pop up to tell us about this great knowledge economy we have here and how our third level institutions are so well funded, etc, etc. We  as anyone in academia knows, they’re not. I heard from a colleague a few years back that a leading Irish Third Level department had to sell some of their PHOTOCOPIERS to make ends meet after a budgetary shortfall.

The Royal Irish Academy (hat tip for kudos), have come out with a sensible position/advice paper aimed toward central government and perhaps as a broader conversation starter also in the Irish Third Level sector regarding not just the perennially raw topic of funding, but also the more pressing topic of student funding. We all remember the terrible hardship caused in 2012/2013/2014 by the disastrous SUSI website for online grants “processing.” Part-time (and personally I have MASSIVE issues with that misleading and pejorative term) students are being persecuted by the Irish education system and successive administrations for not being good little drones and entering into courses in the desire full-time fashion with other Secondary School graduates.

Professor Daly (to the right of An tUachtarán, Michael D. Higgins).
Professor Daly (to the right of An tUachtarán, Michael D. Higgins).

Grants are being withheld from people who, lets face it here, are trying to better themselves. Professor Mary Daly succinctly presents the case of the

“…bank official working full-time on €25,000 a year is being charged fees to study in the evenings, while the child of the bank’s CEO is entitled to the free fees scheme to study during the day?”

The Higher Education Authority has reported a significant drop of 9% of students embarking on a PhD and a 2% drop in those engaging with 3rd Level as a Mature Student in recent years. With all the Brouhaha (yes, I dropped the B-Bomb!) in recent years about the need for ‘re-training’ and ‘internships’, it should come as a significant surprise that during the same period Postgraduate students have had their access to maintenance grants significantly undermined by SUSI and the Irish government, the body pushing this great ‘knowledge economy.’

University rankings. Generally speaking, those who excel are those with greater funding. Irish Independent
University rankings. Generally speaking, those who excel are those with greater funding. Irish Independent

Now in ‘post-crisis’ Ireland (another massive bone of contention btw), with everything rising but the dead, students are faced with increased accommodation costs, not only in Dublin, but also throughout the country as a whole. So people will just commute from home or a cheaper place to live? Also on the rise is petrol/diesel, parking, public transportation fares. Fees are also continually and incrementally rising, with increases being used to offset declining central government funding. Those claiming that grants are quite generous are living in cloud cuckoo land; wages rose during the Great War also, but inflation effectively destroyed those paltry increases! Free Education, isn’t, basically.

There’s a massive disconnect between what the government want (and not just this one wither, in case I’m accused of Fine Gael/Labour bashing…though Ruairí Quinn, the former ‘Hypocrite-in-Chief’, did their credibility few favours) and what they’re willing to invest in. Perhaps as the RIA suggests a new model of student support should be entered into? I’m not blind to the needs of universities or IT’s to investment and upgrading of facilities and infrastructure, but something has to give here; many have an aging (and expensive) building stock, which were expanded during the 1960’s and 70’s and need modernising. And its probably going to be parents and students who will have to give in. A model which is used at the national and international level might be worth considering; a bond issue. If colleges were to issue a long term bond, which would accrue with profits generated over a thirty year period, it might provide for some financial stability and guaranteed income. Some profits from these campus based start-ups and spin-offs we hear so much about, could be channelled into this area, etc.

Taking (and breaking) the Pledge
Taking (and breaking) the Pledge

As a conclusion, we as a Third Level community must acknowledge that the system is at present not effective. it is creaking along and certainly not operating at the peak efficiency, which is desired. Unfortunately, one must wait and see are there any in the sector, especially the national parliament, who posses the ability to engineer and herald such dramatic and much needed change.

Planning & Booking!

Galway Harbour at Night

Hello followers!

Just to keep you all up to date on developments since we last spoke. We have set the date; the IHSA will take place on the weekend of the 19th – 21st February 2016. So SAVE THE DATE! The city based campus of the National University of Ireland, Galway will play host to most of the formal events on the Friday and Saturday (venue TBC). The University has a fine tradition of historical research and scholarship dating back to its foundation to the tumultous years of An Gorta Mór – The Great Famine. History was one of the first disciplines to be taught in the emerging University and 170 years on we are going from strength to strength, with over 800 students at Under and Postgraduate levels across a range of interests in the greater field.

NUI Galway
Mind the Unicorns!

Nice and Welcoming!

We have booked ourselves into the Harbour Hotel in Galway city centre on the Saturday evening for the social/meal and keynote address (more info to follow on that one).

” target=”_blank”>

For our meal, convenience to the city was our guiding concern, so as to make the weekend as effortless as possible for you, our attendees. The Harbour Hotel is about a 3 minute walk from Shop Street, so anyone staying in the city will be very close indeed. Emer and her team in the hotel are doing their very best to look after our attendees at the social. Also for those looking to book accommodation for the event in the Harbour, please do make sure you mention the fact you’re attending the conference (and the meal associated with same) for the best value. The food is of superb quality (the menu is impressive) and if you have any dietary concerns, please do be sure to let us know and we will be sure that you will be accommodated.




We will also be compiling a list of all other accommodation available in Galway city shortly and will post that to our Facebook page once complete. We hope the list will cover all options available, from B&B to Hostel and Hotels. We’re also going to include details for transportation options and other helpful information, just to make it harder for you to stay away!


We have also set our minds toward the Call for Papers and the format of the weekend, so speakers please take this as your first notification and start those germs of ideas in your heads. Papers will more than likely (all to be confirmed in the CfP and all subject to change of course) follow the traditional format. In addition to that there are some innovations which both myself and the committee would like to bring into practice in next year’s conference. As we’re threshing away at those at the moment I won’t get into them; suffice to say we will be doing our level best to make it as fruitful, enjoyable, accessible and worthwhile for all to contribute to our conference.

We’re presently working hard on the other academic and social aspects of the conference, so rest assured it will be a very rewarding and special weekend in Galway! Please if you have any questions or queries or suggestions get in touch with us through our Twitter handle @ihsa2016, on Facebook, or send us an email to